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Video Game Rehab Center

Video Game Rehab Center

When a lot of people first encounter the idea of video game addiction and video game rehab centers, they think something to the effect of "That's preposterous" or "Is this a real thing?" But if you are someone who suffers from video game addiction, or if you are the loved one of a person who suffers from video game addiction, then you already know that the results of video game addiction can completely ruin a life! The fact is; video game addiction is no different than any other type of addiction, minus the nature of the behavior.

A lot of people say, "There's nothing wrong with being addicted to video games. At least they are not addicted to drugs, alcohol, porn, or other self-harming activities." For some people, 30-50 hours a week + is not uncommon with video game addictions. Further, a lot of people spend a lot of money gambling on video games, in addition to immense numbers of hours.

Video Game Addiction is a Major Problem

Video games are designed to be addictive. That's one of the reasons that there has been a massive spike in video game purchases and usage. For example, in 2012, the global market for video games was roughly $70 billion. However, by 2017, that number had already nearly doubled to a staggering $122 billion! Today, the revenue for video games continues to climb each year exponentially. By comparison, the global box office revenue for films was just $41 billion!

Why the Need for a Video Game Rehab Center

Today, gaming has gotten so big that watching others play attracts massive crowds, and roughly 2/3 of all American households now play video games. For many gamers, they will spend all of their free time playing video games. They virtually have no personal lives because every moment of their spare time goes to virtual reality. This means that people don't have social lives. They don't take care of themselves properly. Further, there have been several comprehensive studies that show a strong connection between excessive video gaming and other psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, and personality disorders. No wonder the need for video game rehab centers is on the rise!

At Maui Recovery, we see a lot of patterns related to screen and gaming addictions. If you or someone you love is suffering from video game addiction, it's not your fault! For the better part of two decades, people have had devices in their hands since they were toddlers. This generation has been primed for screen and video game addiction.

Maui Recovery is the Best Video Game Rehab Center in America

Maui Recovery specializes in video game addiction treatment. We have the facilities, the staff, and the program to teach you how to overcome addictive behavior. With the tools that we give you, you will be able to beat your addiction. The World Health Organization has classified gaming disorder as a mental health condition, and no rehab center is equipped to treat mental health better than Maui Recovery!

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