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Booking Terms and Conditions

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Canine First Aid Training, First Aid Training For dogs, cats and pets.
Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland: North East

Booking Terms

Bookings and Cancellations: All bookings and cancellations to be made in writing by email or post

Payment: Full payment should be made 7 days prior to start date of the course unless otherwise agreed.

Payment can be made by cheque, credit card or BACS.

Course Bookings/Reservations: All bookings/reservations are subject to the above standard terms and conditions.

Failure to Show: Any trainee failing to attend a course will still reflect a bona-fide booking, the fee of which will be subjected to our standard terms and conditions.

Transfers and Cancellations: In the event a candidate is transferred to another course or cancelled altogether, and admin fee of 25% of the full course fee will be incurred, unless the course start date is within 10 working days in which case the full course fee will apply. The above applies to all course including On-site courses.

Certificates: We reserve the right not to issue certificates where an invoice remains unpaid.

We can supply copy certificates. Requests must be made in writing and are subject to an administration charge of £8.00.

Right of Admission: First Aid Training Solutions pride ourselves on giving quality interesting courses therefore any candidate who jeopardises our course by displaying aggressive, unruly or disruptive behavior will be ejected from the course. Under these circumstances no refund will be given for the cost of the course.

Course Timings & Attendance: Trainees must adhere to timings set out in the course information pack. Failure to attend and participate in any part of the course will result in the trainee’s removal from the final examination (where applicable) or assessment. Re qualification Courses HSE.

Trainees placed on the Re qualification course must be in possession of a valid HSE approved certificate which must be scanned and emailed or posted to us immediately after booking. The original must be bought to the lesson on the first day of the Requalification course.

Force Majeur: First Aid Training Solutions cannot be held responsible for any incident or occurrence outside of its control that affects any aspect of the training.
If a course has to be changed, rescheduled or cancelled for any reason, First Aid Training Solutions will make every reasonable effort to make alternative arrangements.